Peak Motion & Wellness is a Unique Wellness Concept, offering high-quality Chiropractic care, cutting-edge Laser Therapy, customized assisted-Stretch Therapy sessions and affordable, patient-led wellness care

We recognize that no two people are the same and one size does not fit allwhen it comes to therapeutic solutions. This is why each person that comes to our clinic is given a unique, personalized care plan that is built around their needs and long-term goals.

Whether you’re seeking Chiropractic solutions, the benefits of our Therapeutic Laser or signing up for one of our many assisted Stretch Therapy sessions, we will work closely with you to design a unique care plan that is both affordable and tailored to your preferences.

 Most people arrive at our Clinic with an acute or chronic combination of muscle pain and mobility challenges that—in many cases—they have been unable to solve through traditional healthcare. Whatever your challenge, at Peak Motion  Wellness, we commit to be your partners in finding your path to a future of wellness and freedom from pain that you deserve.

Our Values


We chose our name for a reason. We believe that having a full, pain-free range of Motion is
critical to Wellness and long-term health, and the therapies we provide are built around this


As therapists and healthcare providers, we believe our job is not merely to advise but also to
listen. We are committed to helping our patients and clients reach the goals that are most
important to them.


We engage and support the places in which we live and work, which means we engage in both
civic and charitable activities in the north phoenix neighborhood of our clinic as well as the
nearby communities where we live

Why Peak Motion & Wellness


We have assembled a group of chiropractors and therapists that each has a level of expertise you will rarely find in our industry. Our professionals were not merely gaining experience before joining Peak, they were leaders in their discipline. We love what we do and are especially passionate about improving the lives of our patients.


In contrast to similar clinics, we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to physical medicine. A unique approach is required for each patient and client, and we employ a broad array of therapies and methods in our effort to reduce pain, increase mobility and improve the health and happiness of each person that seeks our help. We believe the best outcomes result from a close collaboration with our patients where we work together to find the mix of therapies that best meets their goals and needs.


No one knows your body like you do, and we do not believe our experience or expertise means we always know what is best for you. We craft therapeutic solutions based on your input and your healthcare goals. We hope we can quickly solve your health
problems, but even if you’re primary goal is our long-term assistance to ensure you remain in good health, we are committed to accommodating your goals and finding solutions that comfortably fit within everyone’s budget, no matter their age, income or outlook.

Dr. Monte Hessler & Hessler Motion Therapy

Peak Motion & Wellness opened as an affiliate of Hessler Motion Therapy in 2022, a full-service chiropractic clinic located in downtown Phoenix.  Hessler Motion Therapy was opened in 2016 by Dr. Monte Hessler, one of the Phoenix area’s leading sports medicine chiropractors who has been serving patients in the Valley for over 3 decades. 
In Dr. Hessler’s experience as the team chiropractor for the Phoenix Suns, the Phoenix Mercury, the San Francisco Giants, and the PGA Tour, he gained extensive experience in treating top professional athletes who sustained injuries of all types. He continues to serve as both a team chiropractor for professional sports teams and a private practice chiropractor for his Phoenix area patients.
Patients may see a chiropractor for a number of different reasons. Sports injuries, auto accident injuries, slip and fall injuries, and more can all be effectively treated with non-invasive chiropractic care methods. Dr. Hessler firmly always makes patients his first priority.  Whatever a patient’s pain complaint, Dr. Hessler will spend the necessary time and effort to find the ideal solution. 
Dr. Monte Hessler
Dr. Monte Hessler Voted One Of The Best Chiropractors in Phoenix

Our Staff


Samuel Reeder - Stretch Therapy Manager

Our Stretch Therapy Manager, Samuel Reeder, was born in the United Kingdom and raised in Surrey,
in southeast England. Sam showed a passion for the outdoors at an early age and spent part of his
youth in Switzerland, where he became a competitive snow skier.

Sam initially came to the U.S. on a
sponsorship as an ISIA & PSIA certified ski professional, and he remains active in the snow sports industry as a ski instructor.
Sam studied sports medicine and massage therapy at Surrey University and returned to the U.S. as an athletic trainer and ski instructor.

Having realized the importance of flexibility and range of motion training as a competitive athlete, Sam became increasingly focused on stretch therapy, eventually becoming the general manager for a Stretch Zone location in Phoenix.

Through his extensive experience, Sam has developed a series of stretch protocols for a wide range of individuals, from extreme athletes to seniors with significant mobility challenges, and he specializes in designing stretch
therapy regimes that are specifically tailored to the goals and physical needs of his clients.

Dr. Carissa Abe

Dr. Carissa Abe, D.C, C.C.S.P. - Chiropractor

After years of frustrating pain that derailed her college athletic career, Dr. Abe’s life was changed
when she discovered chiropractic care. She experienced dramatic improvement after just one
chiropractic treatment and went on to compete in the Division 1 NCAA Championships.

She would finish her athletic career as one of Arizona State’s All-American swimmers.
After graduating with a degree in Kinesiology, Dr. Abe enrolled in chiropractic school at the Southern
California University of Health Sciences.

While there, she worked alongside several successful chiropractors and traveled across the country as a representative of the university. She graduated from SCU with honors and was awarded the President’s Leadership Award for her graduating class.

Dr. Abe is Board Certified in Chiropractic, Physiotherapy and Acupuncture and licensed in both California and Arizona

Matt Warman

Dr. Matt Warman, D.C. - Chiropractor

Dr. Warman first moved to Arizona from Westlake Village, CA, to be closer to his family in this
area and pursue his Kinesiology degree at Arizona State. After receiving a severe spinal injury
as a college athlete, he realized the chiropractic care he received was the most important part of
his healing.

After that experience, Dr. Warman knew he wanted to help others end the pain that was hindering their quality of life, and he went on to study chiropractic medicine at the Southern
California University of Health Science.

When Dr. Warman isn’t working, he’s frequently in the gym and tries to make time for travel
and hiking. When the season allows it, you may also find him snowboarding! On most

weekends, though, you’ll find him spending time with his mom, his two sisters and their children
in one of their backyards, swimming, grilling, and watching sports.
Dr. Warman is Dr. Abe is Board Certified in Chiropractic and Physiotherapy and licensed in
licensed in both Arizona and California

Sports Physical Therapy

Dr. Carissa Abe, one of our two chiropractors at Peak Motion & Wellness, is also a certified chiropractic sports physician (CCSP) and is now providing comprehensive sports physicals for any enrolled student for a one-time fee of $45.00. Sports physicals, also known as pre-participation physical examinations, determine if a student can safely participate in certain school-sponsored sports. Among other things, sports physicals examine family medical history, current or past injuries and any related health issues. These exams also screen for common, chronic conditions like diabetes, kidney disease, allergies and asthma.

Physical exams performed by CCSPs are unusually comprehensive and Dr. Abe can provide insight and recommendations that are not typically provided in traditional sports physicals. In addition to the traditional elements of sports physicals, Dr. Abe’s exam will also include:

  • A cervical (neck) and lumbar (back) spinal range of motion exam
  • A foot exam that looks for imbalances that can lead to knee and back pain
  • A sensory exam that checks nerve endings for sensitivity to pain and light touch
  • Muscle testing of the upper extremities, shoulder blades, lower extremities, and glutes
  • A palpatory examination that uses touch to find problems

Webster Certified

Dr. Carissa Abe has been a Webster certified chiropractor since 2014 and receives referrals from multiple OB-GYN offices in the Phoenix Metro area. She has extensive experience treating patients at all stages of pregnancy as well as during their pre- and post-natal phases. Peak Motion & Wellness offer a special, permanent discount for new patients in any stage of their pregnancy that extends to both cash-pay patients and those using insurance. In addition to
receiving our current $29 new patient discount, the cost of all future appointments is capped at $50 through the end of pregnancy and for five years thereafter. The $50 cap includes all treatment provided in a single visit (regardless of complexity or modalities used) and includesadditional free exams and treatments for any of the primary patient’s children less than 9 years of age.