Wellness Care in Phoenix, AZ

Wellness Care

At Peak Motion & Wellness, our goal is not merely to improve your health, energy and mobility but also to help ensure your improved condition becomes your new normal.

As the benefits of your therapy (whether chiropractic, stretch, laser or a combination of all three) become apparent and you reach your primary goals, we will help you build a lower intensity, long-term plan to help prevent the recurrence of the issues that initially brought you to our clinic

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Many “Wellness” plans look more like “Permanent” plans

Offering long-term wellness plans is hardly novel: physical therapists, chiropractors and even personal trainers have been offering ‘wellness’ solutions to their patients and clients for many years.

Unfortunately, many people find these “maintenance” programs are expensive, time-consuming and look more like permanent care plans than preventative wellness plans.

The cost and commitment of these plans understandably persuade many people to abandon them, With no maintenance in place many people revert to their pre-treatment condition and are compelled to
seek further care.

Our Wellness Programs

At Peak Motion & Wellness, we take a very different approach.

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$ 25
  • Normal Visit $75​

Stretch Therapy

$ 20/40
  • Normal Visit $49 / $99

Laser Therapy

$ 20
  • Normal Visit $50

Our wellness plans are designed to maximize four criteria for our patients and clients: they should be: Self-Driven, Effective, Inexpensive and Convenient


YOU (and not us) we be the principal architect of your long-term wellness plan. We will always assist you designing a plan, but all our wellness plans are tailored
to your goals and needs


The primary purpose of any wellness or maintenance plan is to help you learn how to maintain your improvements and physical wellness and to prevent a return
of the conditions that initially led you to initially seek us out.


Most of our recommended wellness plans will cost you nothing and require no follow-up visits. Those that do involve some future check-ups will always ensure
such visits are priced at least 60% below the cost of the equivalent regular visit


Equally important, your wellness/maintenance plan must conform to the demands of your schedule and minimize the demands on your time. As fundamental as
physical health can be for your happiness and overall health, it is not the only important thing in your life. An effective wellness plan should never replace or
interfere with life’s other priorities.

3 General Types of Wellness Plans

After 3 or more visits, we will begin contacting each Patient or Client to encourage them to start thinking about their long-term wellness plan. As we begin to work more closely with you on the plan’s content, we will also seek your guidance on which of the three major types of wellness plans are of most interest to you (and regardless of the plan you choose, you will never be compelled to pay for any visit or care you do not receive)

Home Care PlanL

In this situation, we will recommend an entirely home-based plan—at no cost to
you—and both train you on how to best follow it.

Limited Follow-up

For this type, we recommend 5-10 infrequent but scheduled follow-up visits so that we
can monitor your progress and he frequency and intensity of these follow-up and their
associated cost will be catered to the level of engagement you request.

Ongoing, Long-Term

Finally, we have a third group of visitors with chronic conditions and/or longer-term
goals who seek ongoing, regular care from us for the longer-term In some instances,
these are chiropractic or laser therapy patients with chronic conditions or permanent

Many others are stretch therapy clients or ongoing athletes who want the benefit of our assisted stretch therapy or laser treatment as part of their long-term fitness and health regimes. Whatever the reason, we will work with you to design a plan that best accommodates your priorities, schedule and budget.

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